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International articles

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The EWEA Conference of 7 and 8 November 2006   Large Scale Integration of Wind Energy   WindTechnInternational  2007

Product Survey on Small Inverters   WindTechnInternational 2006

Product Survey on Large Inverters   WindTechnInternational 2006

With Combined Heat and Power to reach Kyoto     Fernwaerme International 2003

CO2 reduction possibilities of CHP     2002

Report of Committee for Ecology    Yearbook Euroheat and Power 2001

The Certifcation Approach in The Netherlands     Euroheat and Power 2001

CO2 reduction potential of district heating and combined heat and power in Europe  Timisoara 2000

Field test of heat-fed washing machines and laundry dryers        Euroheat and Power  1998

Recent Developments of Cogeneration and District Heating in The Netherlands   Euroheat anad Pwoer  1996

District Heating Kitchen  1995

Historisch Uebersicht Fernheizung in die Niederlande   Fernwaerme International 1991

Electricity Supply in Eastern Sudan     Sudan Energy News 1989 

Environmental effect of increasing the amount of district heating in The Netherlands   KEMA Scientific Report  1983

Intenational Lectures

Environmental performance of cogeneration  Annual meeting of COGEN Europe    2005

Visit of a delegation from Korea   2001

District Heating and Combined Heat and Power   Keys to a sustanable Energy Supply  VGB congress  Brussels  2001

Reducerea emissiilor CO2 in termoficare si cogenerarea in Europa    Symposium Timisoara    2000

Status report of the Committee for Ecology  congress Euroheat and Power     Sheffield  1999

East-West Exchange of District Heating Managers     Almelo  1999

Competitive District Heating in The Netherlands   Helsinki 1999

CO2 reduction potential of District Heating and Combined Heat and Power in Western and Eastern European countries    Helsinki 1999

Books and reviews of books, of CD-roms and of websites

District Heating and District Cooling, Combined Heat and Power and Cooling in The Netherlands   Euroheat 2003