The CHaP’s

  • CHaP-ters
  • CHaP-red
  • CHaP-man (soon)
  • CHaP-man (soon)
  • CHaP-man (soon)

What is CHaP-ters?

Combined Heat and Power TransEuropean Energy Reviewing System

  • CHaP-ters is a unique system for the quality assessment of a combined heat and power installation
  • CHaP-ters works on a European level, but works also, on request, on any national or regional scale: in all countries of the European Union.

What is CHaP-red?

Combined Heat and Power CO2 Reduction model.

CHaP-Red is a advanced computer model to determine the CO2 reduction effects of Combined Heat and Power or of other energy conversions processes.

The model can calculate the effects of different scenarios and can determine the CO2 reduction effect of CHP on different levels:
– for a chp project
– for a town or city (or a part of it)
– for a community
– for a region
– for a country as a whole
– for two or more countries together.

In the model the CO2 emission of power plants using different types of fuels and of boilers of differenbt type of fuels are simulated. Also the energy conversion of all kind of technical systems are programmed.

In the model a lot of data about the energy situation of different cities and countries are available.