Innovative Cooling Systems

In the coming years innovative cooling will going to play a crucial role. New innovative cooling systems will save fuel, will benefit to the economy, the environment and the social framework. It will increase living standards of the society. It opens up interesting alternatives by utilizing the waste heat from combined heat and power plants during summers and thus it reduces the heat discharges of power stations on the rivers, it improves energy efficiency and thus it contributes to the efficient use of the world’s limited energy resources. It creates new business opportunities in the cooling area.
Examples of these innovative cooling techniques are absorption chillers driven by waste heat sources, passive cooling systems, innovative air conditioning systems, split-units, radiant cooling, high efficiency electrical compression chillers, full renewable or hybrid systems, district cooling systems with cold water or ice slurry networks, co-generation, tri-generation, poly-generation. Chilled water or ice storage facilities, cooling storage in aquifers. New efficient building management systems, demand side management systems, lake water cooling systems and combustion gas turbine inlet cooling systems.

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